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Stab you with my skateboard!

When we think about skateboarding and the community, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the liberty to make any place your personal skatepark or perhaps its the rush of that adrenaline when you finally nail that trick you’ve been trying to do for weeks. How about the metaphor of skateboarding as a weapon? Ever think about that? Not really… until now. 

Artist Waybad Lapel Pin By

The amazing mind of Ben Jensen takes a creative twist in making something so simple as a skateboard, and turning it into something of a “deadly beauty.” When analyzing skateboarding further, it is a past time that shows no discrimination to any man, woman or child. Regardless of your color, creed, preferences in life… skateboard CUTS through all that confusing bullshit and just simply allows you to connect with those 4 wheels, grip tape and pavement any way you damn please. Maybe that’s what Ben was trying to display with this work of art… Maybe he was thinking that skateboarding is like a knife that cuts through all that bullshit life throws at you because for the small amount of time where you kick, push and coast on your board, you don’t have to worry about all that stuff… It’s almost zen like when you think about what skateboarding can mean to someone that sees it that way. Or maybe, he just thought it was badass and that’s why he designed it! Either way… this pin is simply AMAZING!

So let’s take a closer look at this beautiful pin. Been masterly crafted the details of the skateboard knife and made it come alive. From the essence of the knife handle down to the sharp tip of the blade, we see how intricate the details are. The blood that drips, the trucks that shine, and the wheels that glimmer really illustrates Ben’s time and dedication to really make this pin elevate and pop with an aggressive style. Even the skeletal hand adds that wonderful stabbing motion appeal that every person wish they could do to someone they loathe. All in all, this pin is a gem to add to your pin collection. 

Pin Specs:

  • Black Nickel Plating
  • 1.5" inches tall
  • Hard Enamel
  • Custom Waybad Pin Card

We at Pindejo are proud to feature Ben Jensen and his wonderful “Skate Knife” as part of the ever growing Pindejo artist series. We can’t wait for this pin to slice and dice its way to your collection. 

Detailed Review of WayBad x Pindejo collaboration by Miggs
Instagram: @dashingdebonairemiguel

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