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Big Things, Small Packages

“It is better to go an inch wide and a mile deep than a mile wide and an inch deep.” - Wise skater dude who owns/operates PINDEJO.

That quote above can be analyzed in many different ways: philosophical, spiritual, maybe boarderline pornographic. Ether way, the basic meaning is do less with purpose instead of working more and have nothing of significance. But what the fuck does that have to do with enamel pins? Well Kemosabe, so much more than you think… 

With the recent resurgence and popularity of enamel pins today, have you ever stop to think how such a small shiny object makes a big statement when you wear it? The answer is “NO” because who the hell has time for that shit? But for the purpose of this blog segment, lets take a minute to think about how something so tiny as an enamel pin, speaks so much volume to others. Whether you place the pin on an article of clothing or a bag, you strategically plonk your pin in hopes someone will say something about it. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t… but when they do, it gives that person so much information about you without even saying a word. For example, depending on what type of pins you wear, a simple pin that says “FUCK OFF” can easily determine that you are a people person that loves everything around you or a pin with a nun showing her boobs might suggest you're religious and close with your local church. To add on, not trying to get all deep, but an enamel pin gives a small snap shot of your world to others… that’s why they are super badass.

So with that, I know I have not formally introduced myself to you but as time passes and blog entries are written about the pins I talk about, you’ll start to get a snapshot of my world. Speaking of which, I’ll just end it here with literally a snapshot of some pins I own from my collection. I look forward to sharing my pins and other things with you more! Thanks for reading! 



Miggs -

(ed note:) I would like to introduce Miggs, new to Pindejo, but not to the pin game. We are proud to have Miggs apart of our Pindejo family. To read more of Miggs, follow the link and enjoy his insightful writing.



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