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Leon Karrsen x Pindejo

Booty? Check. 
Cats? Check. 
Sarcasm? Check. 
Most importantly… Skateboarding? Big Motherfucking Check!
When looking at that list, one can assume that this can be someone’s grocery list when they are at Whole Foods. But, we all know that we’re talking about the very talented illustrator from Holland, Leon Karssen. On the surface, people who may not understand his artwork and sense of humor may just think it’s a bunch of dick jokes, obscenities, and pussy… cats. But true fans may understand it as so much more and may relate to the motto that “life’s not a dick, so don’t take it so hard.” With his laid back style and approach to things, Leon Karssen is truly in a league of his own… a league of bad ass extraordinary artist that walks to his own beat with a big middle finger to everyone else. 
So why wouldn’t Pindejo want to collaborate with an artist that shares the same affinity for skateboarding, cats and sick twisted humor? That’s a rhetorical questions because you damn right that’s what we did.
 When taking a closer look at these majestic beauts… we can see the artistry and consistency of Mr. Karssen’s artwork. The details of these pins really capture the essence of his creativity, love for skateboarding and illustrating funny ass shit.

Case in point, his skateboard heart pin. The colors of the reddish heart surrounding a yellow skateboard shows his love and respect for his favorite pastime and is now yours to have. The characteristics of this pin are even given a touch of sophistication with a silver outlining to make it polished and refined.

Skate Heart Pin Specs:

  • Size is about 1’’ in height 
  • Single Rubber Clasping 
  • Designed on Black Soft Enamel 


The next pin within this collab series, slides right into your life with a big “FUCK YALL" and cruises right on outta there like a true skateboarding pimp. From the details of the middle fingers all the way down to his ding-a-ling, this pin makes a big statement to others. It screams, “I let my dick swing in the air like a baseball bat, while I cruise up and down on my skateboard not giving a fuck!” We can only dream to do that one day. But the simple yet bold design of this pin really makes it stand out and truly a dope piece to rock at christmas parties, family reunions, and even church. 

Fuck Yall Pin Specs:

  • Size is about 1.5’’ in height
  • Double Rubber Clasping 
  • Designed on Black Soft Enamel 


Lastly, this pin speaks for its self as Leon’s iconic blue cat lays down patiently with a phrase that we all wish we can tell that person who you give 2 shits about… “Waiting for you to die already.” Wearing this pin around is a sure fire bet to make you one of the popular kids. Imagine, sporting this pin at a funeral or when someone is in the hospital… the ideas are endless. Nonetheless, this pin is truly a rad design that needs to be a part of your collection.

Waiting for you to die Pin Specs:

  • Size is about 1.5’’ in width 
  • Double Rubber Clasping 
  • Designed on Black Soft Enamel 


In closing, Leon Karssen really took the time and effort to leave his signature artisty on each design from his enamel pin all the way to his unique card backings. Pindejo is proud to collaborate with a really talented artist that leaves his own trademark stamp that we can dig. Because like it was mentioned before… who doesn’t like good dick jokes, obscenities, and pussy… cats? If you don’t… you’re probably a longboarder. 

Detailed review of Leon Karssen x Pindejo by Miggs for Pindejo

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