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Leap of Faith by Bostpin Terrier 

The time: 1997

The place: Point Loma High School in San Diego, CA

The brave skater: Jamie Thomas 

For those who remember the Leap of Faith Jump by Jamie Tomas, it was a glorious event that happened to be caught on film. Some thought Jamie was crazy for even attempting it, some thought how was he not in a wheelchair after this most triumphant jump, and even some wanted to know what kind of grip tape this man used in order for his board to not snap in 18 different places. Nonetheless, even for a nonlanded trick this jump goes down in skateboarding history as epic. For those who may not be familiar with this jump, check out the video below.  


Now after seeing that, how come no one has paid homage to such a heroic jump in skateboarding culture history? Well look no further as the very talented Bostpin Terrier has decided to tackle this needed void with his iconic Barston Terrier pin that recreates the Leap of Faith jump. 


When taking a closer look at the details of this pin, the intricate colors, design, and characteristic of this pin allows it to speak for itself. From the screaming facial expression of Barston Terrier down to the outlining of the trucks of the skateboard, anyone can see the meticulous attention to detail that Bostpin Terrier made when designing this fantastic pin. The illustration of the actual pin itself almost has a feel that Matt Groening himself designed this pin with every curve and outlining of the character’s body almost emanating Bart Simpson in Boston Terrier form. However, we know that this mashup has the very talented Bostpin Terrier written all over it. This pin also include a one of a kind 4x6 card backing that redesigns the famous stair gap at Point Loma High School but in a very Simpson-esc type of illustration. Finally, your order also comes with a HUGE 9’’ sticker of the Leap it Faith to slap it anywhere you damn well please. Specs of the pin include the following:


  • Size is about 1.25’’
  • Double Rubber Clasping 
  • Designed on Black Soft Enamel 


To top it all off, Jamie Thomas himself totally backs it!

Overall, this pin makes a beautiful attempt to pay its respects to this majestic jump and totally lands it! It also makes a great buy for any skateboard, Simpsons, and/or dog fan and is a much needed addition your ever growing collection. To see other amazing pins by Bostpin Terrier you visit here or visit his shop at 

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