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Paper Hearts Art Show by Tuesday Bassen

  • The Place: The CoLAb Art Gallery
  • The City: Highland Park located North East of Los Angeles
  • The Time: February 5th, 2016 from 7p-10p

It happened on a chill and cool Friday night on February 5th, 2016 in the newly gentrified area of Highland Park located close to North East Los Angeles. I happen to live close to this area and decided to check out. There was a line of people soliciting outside chain smoking talking about the latest and greatest trend… you know… hipster stuff. I slowly clunked my way through the sea of cat eye glasses, american apparel models, and flannel shirts. The indie music was blasting loud by the sounds of DJ Jonah Ray, (of the Nerdist and the Meltdown fame). 

Quickly I recognized something I admired and cherished… PINS & PATCHES.

As I was admiring all what was offered on this illustrious table of beauty, I was pleasantly greeted by a young woman with golden hair, turquoise glasses, & wearing an AWESOME cat sweater who complimented my collection of pins on my faux leather jacket. “You have a nice collection of pins! I love the LA Dodger cap one! Ben would totally like your LA Dodger one.” She said. She continued with, “Hey Ben! Check it out! He’s got a Dodger pin.” Ben glanced quickly from his embroidery chain stitching machine and gave me a big thumbs up. I smiled but honestly had no clue who these people were. The young lady pleasantly stuck her hand out and introduced herself, “Hi! I’m Tuesday. That over there is Ben Goetting.” It was then I realized I was talking to both the owner and artist of Tuesday Bassen and World Famous Original.

Tuesday Bassen & Gemma Correll

Photo: Tuesday Bassen (right) & Gemma Correll (left)

Ben Goetting of World Famous Original

Photo: Ben Goetting of World Famous Original

I introducing myself and complimenting their artistry. Ben went back to hand stitching as he was swamped with so many custom orders. I continued talking with Tuesday a bit more about her upcoming projects. She stated she would be opening up her own storefront very soon around the area. She informed me that it was going to be a creative space and forefront in the world of pins and patches, but would also offer so much more to local artists to showcase their talents. We talked a bit more about her merchandise and I couldn’t help but buy a couple of items while I was there.

Pins & Patches by: Tuesday Bassen (top) East Los Masubi & Lil Bullies (bottom left) and World Famous Original (bottom right).

Abruptly, our small impromptu interview ended as she need to attend to the many people vying for her attention. Tuesday was gracious in her exit and said she would hope to see me at the opening of her store when it happens sometime in 2016. I look forward to it.

After meeting Tuesday and Ben and their down to earth welcome I enjoyed the rest of the show.  Here are a couple of pictures and highlights… I can’t wait to the next pin and patch show by these guys.

Detailed Coverage by Miggs for Pindejo
Instagram: dashingdebonairemiguel

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