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D’oh Comply Pin by Pindejo Artist Tim Olson

For every Simpsons fan, we remember that famous jump that Homer J. Simpson totally missed in this famous clip above. The episode was called, “Bart the Daredevil” from season 2, episode 21. 

So to continue the tradition of paying homage to Homer’s heroic jump… Pindejo, Tim Olson and Friendship Skateboards decided to team up again and do something about it! From Tim’s famous drawing below, the D’oh Comply, we are now able to enjoy it in a glorious pin form.


photo courtesy of Instacramps IG page

Standing at 1’’ tall, the D’oh Comply’s pin details are done to the T! From Homer’s iconic blue pants and white polo all the way down to Bart’s famous skateboard from the opening Simpsons sequence, it looks like Homer has mad skills on his skateboard. 

Pin Specs:

  • Size is about 1’’ in height & 1’’ in length 
  • Double Rubber Clasping 
  • Designed on Silver Hard Enamel

As we take a closer look at the pin, the illustration on Homer’s face shows that he’s having a rad time skating and ripping shit up! The small smirk on his face says it all. If Homer could describe what he feels, it would be “Mmmmm... me in pin form makes me look S-M-R-T!” Even looking at how Homer rides Bart’s skateboard, the details go unmatched. The accuracy of the shade, tone, and tint of the skateboard are exactly executed as it was pulled out of a Simpsons episode. 

Finally, the shinny outline of the pin goes to show how much effort, quality and craftsmanship was put into this pin. When the gun metal shine hits the sunlight perfectly, this pin is elevated to another level of sophistication and class. This pin not only becomes a piece you can casually wear on a jean jacket or a hat, but can be placed beautifully on a lapel of your favorite suit jacket. This allows any Simpson fan to utilize this pin the way it was meant to be used... in any damn way they please. You will surely be the talk of the town with this D'oh Comply pin.

Once again Pindejo hit another home run when teaming with Tim Olson and Friendship Skateboards in this collaboration. Make sure when this pin drops to buy it quickly because I bet you it'll sell out faster than you can say, “Why you little!!!”


Detailed Review of Pindejo Artists Tim Olson by Miggs for Pindejo

Instagram: @dashingdebonairemiguel


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