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“I Skate Mondays” by Friendship Skateboards x Pindejo

photo credit: Jim Davis

From the mind of Tim Olson, owner of Friendship Skateboards, comes the very popular “I Skate Mondays” in a long awaited pin form. And who better than Pindejo to make that happen? That’s right, no one! Because we're so cool, like Jon Arbuckle.

Taken from the acclaimed comic strip by Jim Davis, Garfield has stolen the hearts of many with his cute, sarcastic, and witty sense of humor since he was introduced in 1978. We all remember Garfield to be that adorable fat lazy cat, obsessed with eating, and #1 HATER for Mondays…  But guess what Tim did? He decided that Garfield and Mondays would probably get along much better if he had a beer and skateboard in hand. And this is where “I hate Mondays” turned into “I Skate Mondays.” So who wouldn’t agree that Mondays would be that much better with those things in hand? If you don’t agree, you’re probably a douche nozzle that also hates laughter and fun.

Just like its original artwork we’ve seen on beloved skateboard decks and hoodies, it was so easy to transition this into a clean, crisp pin. The details speak for themselves. It’s almost like Jim Davis himself illustrated this impressive pin. 

Pin Specs:

  • Size is about 1’’ in height & 1.25’’ in length 
  • Double Rubber Clasping 
  • Designed on Black Soft Enamel

When taking a closer look at this stunning pin, the hues of oranges and blacks really stand out. The iconic black stripes on Garfield are captured accurately on his orange fur. Even the facial expression of Garfield really captivates his distain for Mondays. However, his skateboard and beer come to the rescue! Garfield is able to use his Pabst inspired beer to rest his head on it while his body lays comfortably on his skateboard. Man, what a life!


With that, Pindejo is very proud to work with Tim & Friendship Skateboards on such a rad ass looking pin that will surely be out of stock in record time! Make sure to pick one up before they are gone like that last piece of lasagna in Garfield’s face.    

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